Guidance of BBQ

You can easily enjoy barbecue.

Part 1 only: 10:00 start, 14:00 end 5,000 yen

* Basic set                  
Bonfire stand, 5 kg of firewood, ignition agent, lighter
Tongs, work gloves, paper plates, disposable chopsticks,

Chair (Snow Peak)
Table (UNIFLAME, etc.)     

Don't worry even on rainy days, you can rest assured in the BBQ house with a roof        


*Additional set (rental)

Tarp (ignio) ¥ 1000
Tent (Snow Peak Amenity Dome M 4 people) ¥ 2,000
Tent (LOGOS living room/DUO 2 people) ¥1500
Cot (WAQ 2WAY cot) ¥500

*No charcoal. You can bring your own.

When you want to cook rice or cook in a pot, etc.
Please bring your own mestin, cooker, pot, etc.

*You must bring your own food.
Please separate garbage into combustible, non-combustible, and garbage.
Discard here.

To make a reservation, please proceed from the date selection.